Critter Getters Pest Control Inc.
Critter Getters Pest Control Inc.

Termite Control

We offer three methods of termite control. If you are interested in termite control, our expert technicians will work with you to develop a plan that will suit your individual needs.

Barrier Treatment
: This is a liquid treatment designed to create a barrier around the foundation of your property, killing termites as they try to attack your home.

Termite Baiting System: This is a revolutionary method of termite control. Not only does it reduce the termite threat to your home, it can eliminate it altogether. Most importantly, it does this in an environmentally friendly way.

Preconstruction Treatments: For most people, a home is their single largest investment. The best way to protect this investment is to have the foundations and the adjacent soil treated for termites during construction. Typically, Critter Getters does this in a three-step process. We will work with your contractor to provide the best treatment possible, and we use only the best materials to give you the longest protection available.